Çağ International in TUYAP Exhibition

Being Turkey’s leading producer of decorative nails, having an introduction stand at INTERMOB 2014 17.International Furniture Sub Industry Accessories,  Forest Products and Wood Technologies Fair, and whose CEO is Hakan Kacabaş, ÇAĞ KABARA & ZIMBA TELİ SAN. VE TİC. A.Ş. has been manufacturing for more than 35 years in Silivri.

United Nations being on top, ÇAĞ KABARA exports its products to 40 countries and it is among 3 leading decorative nail production companies in the world. Hakan Kocabaş makes sure they constantly invest in technology, research and development and business development. Moreover, he mentions their efforts on optimizing furniture and decorative nail variety production time.

In conventional furniture workmanship, for the process which is called quilting (decorative nails are tacked to the part of the chairs where the back rests) to be faster, easier and user-friendly, a product called Kapitomatik was developed. Kocabaş mentions that besides presenting the products that they currently manufacture, Kapitomatik was also introduced in the fair, but one of their biggest concerns is that despite having an international patent for Kapitomatik, Chinese manufacturers may illegally duplicate their product.

INTERMOB 2014 17.International Furniture Sub Industry Accessories, Forest Products and Wood Technologies Fair will end on Wednesday, 1st October.

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